China (guizhou) • Czech Chinese Community and Entrepreneurs Exchange Dinner Party
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On June 25, 2016,in order to implement Chairman Xi's plan that was released in March 2016, the bilateral "area" between the two countries signed the cooperation plan of the construction of a memorandum of understanding "and promote guizhou and the Czech republic in the economic, trade, exchanges and cooperation in the field of culture, education, etc. Sponsored by investment promotion bureau in guizhou, the United States' international group of companies to undertake the "China overseas Chinese communities (guizhou), the Czech republic and entrepreneurs communication dinner", held in Prague, capital of Czech, intercontinental success. Activity in guizhou province people's government of the secretary-general Tang Dezhi, governor of guizhou province people's government of sun zhigang, the Chinese embassy in the Czech republic business counselor Mr Yongru respectively made a wonderful speech, present at the meeting were the mayor of guiyang city people's government quintela m j, guizhou tourism development committee director lee three flags and investment promotion bureau chief JiHong in guizhou, guizhou Yuan Huimin, director of the foreign affairs office, trade promotion agency, and the Czech republic, the Czech republic trade culture promotion association, the Czech chamber of commerce in China, the Czech republic Chinese youth federation, Chinese women's federation, the Czech republic Czech Chinese students and scholars association, the Czech republic, the Czech Republic Chinese restaurant association calligrapher's association, head of the overseas Chinese community organizations, etc.



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