"Build a dream silk road" Guizhou Satellite TV India Line Large Cultural Exchange
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In recent years, with Guizhou expanding opening to the outside, into the "area" national strategy actively, more and more enterprises in guizhou is coming to India the emerging markets, to seek cooperation and development together.



   On June 8, 2016 to 26, sponsored by the Guizhou Tadio and Television, the United States' international group of companies to undertake the India "the dream silk road, guizhou TV" big multinational project activities in an interview, more than half a month of time, the reporter through the lens a closer look at all aspects of the development of India, bring the audience a "hello India" and "the dream silk road, the two series, multi-angle in-depth understanding of Indian society, explore the" area "on the important country, a country has many similarities with China.




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