Vice Governor of Guizhou Visited Greece to Promote the Cultural Cooperation
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On September 8, He Li, Vice Governor of Guizhou Province, led a delegation to Greece to further promote and promote the exchanges and cooperation between Guizhou and the countries along the "One Belt And One Road" in the cultural field.

A delegation from visiting museum in Athens, with experts and scholars in the field of Greek culture on two countries of cultural relics protection, guizhou and Athens in the field of cultural cooperation and other issues conducted in-depth exchanges. Guizhou Pan Xiaolin government deputy secretary-general, deputy director of guizhou cultural Jiang Gangjie, Greek education cultural foundation chairman m he gives, Athens, Greece international cultural center President Herbert von karajan loch, curator of the museum, the Ms. Du, in the international exchange center chairman Zhang Buren attended the symposium.

He li, vice governor of guizhou province, introduced the good development trend of guizhou economy and society in recent years and has great potential for development. This year is the year of china-greece cultural exchange and cultural industry cooperation. Guizhou and Greece have great cooperation space in cultural fields. , curator of the museum of Athens, Leon's du about Greece and China have their roots in the culture of the rich soil, ancient civilization will be closely linked to the two countries, build up the bridge of the eastern and western exchanges and cooperation, looking forward to the future and guizhou province in the field of archaeological and cultural relics protection more in-depth exchanges and cooperation.


After the symposium, the delegation and Athens in guizhou museum friendly strategic cooperation agreement, and invite the participants together watching video in guizhou "mountainous provinces in the park Announcements of the colorful guizhou wind ", is a vivid example to Greece shows the culture characteristics of guizhou, unanimously praised by guests watch.


(opening ceremony of the world expo in salonica, Greece)
He Li has moved the Vice Governor of a ine is attended to be held on September 9, the opening ceremony of the 82th Greece thessaloniki world exposition, and check and see China as the guest of guizhou enterprises, and encourage them to the Greek market research and product development.


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