Australian and New Zealand Partners
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·  Australia:

·  Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

·  Australia-China International Commercial Association

·  Urban Construction Planning Bureau of Melbourne, Australia

·  Urbanization Development Promotion Association of Melbourne

·  Melbourne Industry Association

·  Australia-China Friendship Society

·  Department of New South Wales and Regional Development

·  International Development Bureau of Victoria Government

·  Social Security Department of Queensland Government

·  Queensland Department of Social Security Fund Management

·  Sydney Hurstville Social Security Center


·  Australian Human Resources College

·  Australian Trade Commission

·  Australian Rail Commission

·  Australian Fishery Research and Development Corporation

·  Melbourne Ecological Outer Package Recycling Corporation

·  Human Resource Department of Australian Airlines

·  EL Human Resources Consulting Corporation

·  Queensland Fisheries Management Authority

·  Queensland Basic Industry Department

·  Australian Federal Public Servants Commission

·  Human Resource Department of Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization

·  Australia Department of Education and Science Training

·  New South Wales Electricity Commission

·  Canberra Information Resource Management Group

·  Canberra Network

·  IDP Education Australia

·  New Zealand:

·  China-New Zealand Council for Promotion of International Trade

·  Australia-New Zealand-China Federation of Industry and Commerce

·  Federation of Chinese Associations of Industry and Commerce

·  Waitomo District Government of New Zealand

·  China-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce and Industry

·  Auckland Department of Labor, New Zealand

·  New Zealand Chamber of Commerce

·  Branz:

·  The New Zealand Minerals Industry Association

·  New Zealand Medical Association

·  New Zealand Automobile Association

·  New Zealand Farm Forestry Association

·  Municipal Government of Christchurch

·  Municipal Government of Auckland, New Zealand

·  Lincoln University

·  Massey University

·  New Zealand Biotechnology Association

·  University of Auckland

·  Auckland University of Technology

·  New Zealand Automobile Association

·  Poultry Industry Association of New Zealand

·  New Zealand Transport Agency

·  Inland Revenue Department(New Zealand)

·  New Zealand Software Association

·  New Zealand Dairy Board

·  New Zealand Wool Board


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