American and Canadian Partners
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·  Departments of the United States Federal Government:

·  United States Department of Commerce

·  United States Department of Agriculture

·  United States Department of Labor

·  United States Department of Justice

·  United States Department of Education

·  United States House of Representatives

·  Internal Revenue Service

·  United States Social Security Administration

·  United States Social Security Administration

·  Office of Management and Budget, White House

·  U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

·  State, municipal government departments of the United States:

·  New York State Government

·  Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

·  New York State Education Department

·  New York State Economic Development Authority

·  New York State Queens District Government

·  New Jersey State Government

·  New Jersey Economic Development Authority

·  New Jersey Department of Agriculture

·  Rahway Municipal Government of New Jersey

·  New Jersey Department of Human Resources

·  California Department of Transportation

·  San Francisco Department of Planning

·  Regional Traffic Monitoring Center of Los Angeles

·  Chambers of Commerce and Associations of the United States:

·  American Real Estate Management Association

·  National Association of Realtors

·  New York State Trial Lawyers Association

·  Chinese American Bar Association

·  United States Asian Finance Association

·  Chinese Association for Science and Technology, USA

·  Manhattan Chamber of Commerce

·  Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

·  American Logistics Enterprises Association

·  Well-known enterprises:

·  Thacher Proffitt & Wood

·  Price Waterhouse Coopers

·  Ernst & Young

·  Citibank

·  American Broadcasting Company (ABC)

·  Sinovision TV Station

·  Intel Corporation

·  American Safety Production Commission

·  American UL Laboratory

·  Cisco Systems, Inc.

·  Wells Fargo Bank

·  Well-known colleges, school districts and educational institutions:

·  Columbia University

·  New York University

·  Montclair State University

·  Kean University

·  CUNY, Queens College

·  George Washington University

·  George Mason University

·  Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

·  University of California, Davis

·  Bernard M. Baruch College, CUNY

·  University of New Haven

·  Ball State University

·  University of Nebraska--Lincoln

·  Central Connecticut State University

·  New York Institute of Technology

·  Vocational and Technical Education Center of California

·  Montclair School District of New Jersey

·  Broomfield School District of New Jersey

·  Mccandless Primary School of California

·  Broomfield Middle School of New Jersey

·  Canadian government departments, companies and universities:

·  Parliament of Canada

·  Canada Department of Commerce

·  Municipal Government of Toronto

·  Toronto Economic Development Authority

·  Municipal Government of Vancouver

·  Vancouver Economic and Development Authority

·  Niagara Economic Development Authority

·  PBB International Inc.

·  Canada Wood Inc.

·  Niagara Power Corporation

·  University of Toronto, Niagara University


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