Hainan culture enters Russia
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   September 21-24, local time, "Russian line covered 2017 hainan culture" activity formally went into Russia, hainan provincial party committee propaganda department, deputy minister Mr Lin Guangjiang rate delegation visiting st Petersburg and Moscow, close an informal discussion with related department heads, and watch hainan culture performance together with related department heads, and the performance brilliant, laughter, the trip to hainan culture's casting line first Russia has come to a successful conclusion.

"The trip to st Petersburg"
On September 21st, Mr Lin Guangjiang delegation and st Petersburg tourism development committee chairman, Mr, Mr Orhan, st Petersburg, head of the council's national cultural project total al high Mr. Hickey, ms Catherine and chat about Chinese and western culture.
The talks are aimed at understanding the state policies of the two countries, strengthening cultural exchanges between the two countries, deepening bilateral tourism cooperation and expanding all-round cooperation in more fields.
Hainan provincial party committee propaganda department, deputy minister Mr Lin Guangjiang, hainan is China's largest special economic zone, has a good ecological environment resources and beautiful natural scenery, has a unique geographical advantage. In the future, the convenient transportation between hainan and st. Petersburg will greatly enhance the tourism, cultural and trade links between hainan and st. Petersburg.


    During the talks, st. Petersburg, "tourism development committee chairman, Mr. ORR, Mr Khan said that this year, I have visited China seven times, the development of China soon, China's tourism market is very big, hope that through this meeting, to deepen the cooperation with hainan's tourism industry in the future. Conference, st Petersburg, head of the council's national cultural project total al high Mr. Hickey, lady Catherine, bilateral business leadership straw, 'Mr Igor and pavlova gave Salvador Dali and ms respectively for the speech.


    After the talks, the delegation of hainan presented a cultural gift with Chinese characteristics to the st. Petersburg tourism commission, and invited to watch the cultural exchange performance of hainan. The trip to hainan culture into the st. Petersburg, st. Petersburg people from all walks of life's attention, and through the talks and theatrical performances, let st. Petersburg more understand hainan culture, plays an important role on hainan tourism to world.



Trip to Moscow
Local time on September 24th, Mr Lin Guangjiang rate delegation visited Moscow city culture and tourism, culture and tourism with leaders introduced the current situation of the development of cultural tourism in hainan, looking forward to the two sides can strengthen cultural communication in the future, promoting people-to-people and cultural exchanges. Moscow bureau chief researcher and Moscow culture bureau deputy director successively speech welcome the visit of the delegation to a line, believe that through the joint efforts of both sides, hainan will play a role of bridge in all the way with Moscow in the area, to promote the exchange of culture between China and Russia further.
After the talks, a delegation from culture bureau and tourism bureau to Moscow city cultural gifts, and invite Moscow culture bureau and tourism bureau leadership in Moscow city the sparrow hills with the children's palace to watch hainan culture art performances, the performance also obtained the Russian media coverage, attracted the local people from all walks of life.
The six days of the "2017 hainan cultural Russia" will continue to carry out cultural exchanges in Mongolia after Russia 


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