Hainan Culture Enters Mongolia
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 On September 25, Hainan exchange tour at the end of the trip to Russia, Mongolia to the prairie country later, visit on the same day, the delegation by a line of ulan bator Chinese culture center in hainan and the grand welcoming staff. Ulan bator hasbagen deputy director of the Chinese cultural center at the conference said that hainan is the center of this year's "provincial cooperation project" provinces of cooperation, and early in ulan bator has been held the national song and dance, aloes, hainan chrysanthemum pear, the posthumous exhibition field characteristic cultural activities, for a very good feedback between the Mongolian people.




    On the morning of the 26th, the delegation and the government of ulaanbaatar conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the cooperation between tourism performance, exhibition and education. Vice mayor of ulaanbaatar, hamas said, hainan in the Mongolian people's heart is a wonderful dream, want to take this opportunity to deepen cultural tourism communication, both contribute to ulan bator literary group hainan the desire.


On the night of the 26th, the Hainan national song and dance troupe teamed up with ulanbaatar artists to present a wonderful cultural feast to the audience at the national classical art theatre in Mongolia. The Chinese embassy in Mongolia charge d 'affaires qing-dong Yang, ulan bator hasbagen, deputy director of the Chinese cultural center of Mongolia, chairman of the federation LaGa, Mongolia and Mongolia cover after hangzhou province friendly association bateer Mongolia guests from all walks of life to watch the performance.
The performance was a perfect ending in the long and steady applause, which also implied that the six days of "the 2017 hainan culture and Russia" had ended smoothly. Through the exchange visit to Russia and Mongolia, promote hainan and culture and art exchange between the two countries, also hope that through cultural Bridges, build hainan exchange and communication with peoples around the world!


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