“Conversation with Hangang” the Large-Scale Cultural Exchange Activities and Interviews of Guizhou T

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   South Korea is one of the most priority foreign countries of Guizhou for opening up. With the FTA (Free Trade Agreement) between China and South Korea signed officially, China and South Korea Friendship Week was held in Guizhou successfully. In order to find out more secret of the economic and culture development of South Korea and meanwhile help Guiyang hold the 2015 Guiyang International Forum on Ecological Civilization, “Converstation with Hangang” Guizhou TV large-scale transnational interview of South Korea was hosted by Guizhou Radio and Television Station and organized by Sunels International Group Inc. during May 23rd to June 8th, 2015. With the unremitting efforts and fully cooperation, Guizhou TV production unit completed the interview task in South Korea successfully.


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