2016-2017 “China-Russia Media Communication Year” [Guizhou Province and China-Russia Children Media

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    Media is a channel for mutual communication and learning, a bridge of people-to-people bonds, a method to deepen our cooperation and broaden the interaction between the youth in both countries. Chinese President Xi Jinping had jointly announced with President Vladimir Putin that both countries were going to co-host “China-Russia Media Communication Year” during 2016-2017 on his trip to Russia in May 2015. It had been clearly declared that “Guizhou Province and China-Russia Children Media Camp” would be promoted as a priority project of “China-Russia Media Communication Year” during the opening ceremony on December 17, 2015. It was another major event of cultural and people-to-people exchanges after the events of “National Year”, “Language Year”, “Travel Year” and “Youth Year” held by both countries.



    “China-Russia Media Communication Year During 2016-2017” [Guizhou Province and China-Russia Children Media Camp] was held in Moscow and St. Petersburg respectively from July 10 to July 15, 2016. Entrusted by Guizhou Press and Publication Bureau, Sunels International Group Inc. took part in activities actively and had successfully held “Our Earth” China-Russia children painting and calligraphy exhibition of ecological environment, photographic exhibition with the theme of Mountain Park and Colorful Guizhou and Magic CG Anime Series Gaduo Adventures performed by Chinese and Russian children. Though positive interaction and invitation in earlier stage, our company had successfully supported Guizhou Radio and Television Station to sign the MOU with the Russian People's Education “Enlightenment” Television Station, Russian O2TV Station and Radio Rossii, Guizhou Daily to sign with Russia Dragon Newspaper and Contemporary Guizhou Magazine to sign the MOU with Beijing Moscow Magazine.



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