“Meet India on Maritime Silk Road” the Large-Scale Cultural Exchange Activities and Interviews of Gu

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    In recent years, with Guizhou’s continuous expansion of opening-up to the outside world, and joining “One Belt and One Road” national strategy on its own initiative, more and more enterprises from Guizhou are coming to India, which is an emerging market, to seek opportunities for cooperation and development.



Form June 8th  to 26th , 2016, hosted by the Guizhou Television Station and organized by Sunels International Group Inc., the activity of multinational special interview “Meet India on Maritime Silk Road ·Guizhou TV’s Trip to India” had been started. In half a month’s period, the reporters took a close look at all aspects of development in India through the lens, which has much in common with China. They brought two series of reports to audience,  “Hello India” and “Meet India on Maritime Silk Road”, helping audience to have a deep understanding of India society in different aspects and exploring this important country on “One Belt and One Road”.



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