China National (Guizhou) Big Data Comprehensive Pilot Zone’s Big Data Promotion in Silicon Valley, U

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    As the first national-level big data test area, China national big data (Guizhou) comprehensive pilot zone is committed to breaking the barrier of the data resources effectively and strengthening integration of infrastructure, creating a number of advanced big data products, fostering a number of big data backbone enterprises, building a batch of big data public spaces, cultivating a number of big data industry talents, promoting related innovation of institutional and technological effectively, exploring the value of data resources, improving the governance capacity of government, and promoting the restructuring and upgrading of the economy. As the data source and the innovation leader, the Silicon Valley in the United States has been walking in the forefront of the world in the development of big data technologies and industries. The success of the promotion event will spread Guizhou’s global influence in the field of big data, attract well-known big data companies setting up headquarters or branches in Guizhou, carry out the wisdom city experiment and increase the international popularity of Guizhou International Big Data Expo in 2017.



        On September 26th, 2016, sponsored by the Guizhou Provincial Economic and Information Commission and organized by Sunels International Group Inc., the China National (Guizhou) Big Data Comprehensive Pilot Zone’s Big Data Promotion was held successfully at Marriott Hotel in Santa Clara, the U.S.. The event gathered nearly 150 technicians and politicians. Mr. Chen Gang, the Standing Committee Member of the CPC of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and the Secretary-General of the CPC of Guiyang Municipal Party Committee, had made a wonderful speech on big data industries in Guizhou during the meeting, appealing to China and the United States to promote cooperation in the field of big data jointly and accelerating the pace of internationalization of big data industry in Guizhou. Later, Mr. Chen Gang unveiled the nameplate of Berkeley Guizhou Big Data Innovation Research Center in University of California, Berkeley and Guichuang North American incubator.



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