Our advantages:


1. With business as orientation and talents as the core, after developing for more than a decade, we have formed a professional, specialized, concentrated, excellent and dedicated team having abundant industry service experience.

2. We have provided services for Chinese and foreign governments and enterprises for a long time, so we know the demands of governments and enterprises and are familiar with procedures of Sino-foreign exchanges.

3. We have established strategic cooperation network and consultant team composed of numerous foreign governmental agencies, professional associations, well-known universities, large companies, experts and scholars, to provide customers with professional services in multiple fields.

4. Our president who once served as a diplomatic officer of Embassy of China in U.S. and worked in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China for years is familiar with Chinese and American national conditions and has wide contacts.

5. We have established subsidiaries in Beijing, Chengdu, Nantong and Hangzhou, to provide Chinese customers with excellent professional services closely.

6. We have formed seamless process cooperation mode with foreign cooperating resources, and are capable of arranging symposium, training and exhibition & convention, etc. between Chinese delegations and foreign government departments at each level, enterprises, institutions and universities and providing professional delegation reception and guarantee services.


7. We are actively devoted to the subsequent service work after delegation visit and to facilitating deep exchanges, project cooperation between Chinese government, organizations & enterprises and foreign counterparts.


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