About Us


       Sunels International Inc. (www.sunels.com), established in 2000 upon approval by American government, is a company devoted to exchanges between China and foreign countries, large events & exhibitions and international commercial consultation. Headquartered in New Jersey and adjacent to Manhattan, Sunels International Inc. has established subsidiaries and branches in Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Nantong, San Francisco and Toronto. Our business involves Chinese and foreign investigations, large events, international exhibitions, etc.

       Since its establishment, Sunels International Inc. has successfully integrated resources such as American government departments, industry associations, universities, research institutes and transnational corporations, gathered a batch of professional elites who are enthusiastic about U.S.-China economic and social development and promoting international exchanges and cooperation, and are familiar with western culture and American, Chinese national conditions, and constructed a service network covering Chinese provinces and cities as well as major American metropolises such as New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston. We are actively devoted to the exchanges and cooperation between Chinese organizations such as government departments, enterprises and public institutions, clubs and organizations, and America and other countries; through organizing reciprocal visits between Chinese and foreign personnel, we build a bridge of cooperation between Chinese and foreign institutions and personnel in the form of investigation, seminar, investment attraction meeting and exhibition & convention.

       We have been praised by relevant Chinese cooperating ministries and commissions, municipal and provincial departments more than once and have established long-term partnership with many government departments, social institutions and enterprises. Our customers cover all social fields. We have been awarded by New York State, New Jersey, Tennessee, New York City and Consulate General of China in New York for several times and are widely praised by customers in the industry.

      After developing for more than a decade, Sunels International Inc. has become a comprehensive international exchange service company covering multiple fields and being engaged in Chinese and foreign investigation, international cooperation, large events and exhibitions as well as commercial consultation, and has formed closely linked business resources network.

      Over the years, we have carried out good cooperation with many cities, provinces, states, enterprises and governmental agencies in China and America, Europe. We look forward to expanding and strengthening such cooperation. Sunels International Inc. is willing to sincerely cooperate with all friends to complement each other's advantages and pursue win-win.


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